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By importuser at 10/12/2007 8:13 AM

Posted by:Robert
Does anyone have a good used metal detector they don't need any more and would be willing to sell. Contact me at

I haven't received much more input - but thank you to those that have replied to my direct email. One response gave the following additional information to update my list:

Video store rentals - Circle K
Open 24 hours - aspirin, food, milk - Circle K
Alterations - Busy Hands (also sells some novelty items)
Photo machine service (Sherricks)
Signs, imprinted items, invitations, napkins, cups, imprinted wearables, hats, give-a-ways for weddings, anniversary, business (appreciation and retirement gifts), pens, pencils, magnets, calendars, and a special cleaning product - all the above from Camp Advertising & Promotional Specialties in Carthage

I haven't yet heard from anyone what happened to the Travelog series - is it defunct everywhere?


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By importuser at 1/28/2008 12:48 PM

Posted by:carsnfrd

This just came to me--let me know if it's a dumb idea.
There are a lot of things that all of us need to purchase that can almost be classified as commodities. We really don't care what brand we just need cheap and usually in quantity. Why couldn't the local business's that deal in these sort of things put together truck loads presold to chamber members so we wouldn't have to go to wally world. Here are some examples of truckload items that local merchants might be able to presell.
light bulbs
dog food
perscription generic drugs
hot dogs--frozen
bottler water--stupid but seems to be necessary
soda pop--same as above
toilet paper
paper towels
all office supplies---copy paper--envelopes--paperclips--pens--ink--etc...etc...
auto washer fluid
salt for ice
coffee service

each business that deals in these commodities could presell to the rest of us that have a need and then he could stock at a lower price the remainder of the goods. We could pickup right at the place of business once or twice a year.
Does this make sense? I'd really rather buy at home and get a volume discount!
please post your thoughts


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By importuser at 1/28/2008 12:54 PM

Posted by:MattDickinson
Interesting idea!  Not being a retailer, I can't guess at what it would take for any of those items to be priced lower (that is, what quantities would you have to buy in?), but I WOULD like to see someone who goes to Wally World get current prices for these.  Then our local merchants could take a look at what they offer, how the prices compare, and what additional quantities they MIGHT need to get competitive deals.  It will just be a matter of getting the proper information to our merchants so they can take advantage of the concept.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find that we already have less-expensive options right here at home for some items, so let's market that if it's the case!

Good luck!

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By importuser at 4/23/2010 12:06 PM

Posted by:carsnfrd
Hi guys,
Well I guess you have heard you are on the GGGY (Gangsta's Gonna Get Ya) team for the chamber of commerce membership drive.
I have spoken with my co--godfather-- Charlie "bair Knuckle" Bair and we have decided to put a hit out on the  special event patsies. You know the ones that pay $50 a year to be a Chamber member for special events.
We are particlularly interested in the out-of-town business that might benefit from having a storefront in Carthage on the major event days.
Here's your mission if you choose to accept it--if not we're going to have to put a hit out on you!!

Think about what area business might benefit from having a storefront in Carthage on a part time basis
think about what current business/storefront could accomodate this business as a partnership
help bring the 2 together
no empty store fronts for major events in Carthage
unique shopping opportunities for people attending Carthage Major events
profitable long term opportunities for both the current local business/building owner and the special events member

If we can accomplish this, we can have the Carthage business's open for business when there is business to be had and we will be able to offer much more retail opportunities to these customers so they will go home and tell their friends and neighbors and they will want to come back.
Here's an example of what "bair Knucles" and me-- "Rob U" have in mind:
PROPERTY                        LOCAL BUSINESS MEMBER                        SPECIAL EVENTS MEMBER
Carl Motors                          Carson Motors                                              pool/spa/pool table vendor
Carl Motors                          Carson Motors                                              neon sign store
Carl Motors/woodbine            dinner/theatre                                                caterer/entertainer/buffet
city hall park                        Wright place                                                  outdoor furniture/gazebo/swingset
wcaz                                    WCAZ                                                            bicycle shop
fsb Twaddle                          1st state bank                                              furniture/amish furniture
menn's firestone                    menn's firestone                                            the barn crafts
northside java                        northside java                                                t-shirts--embroidery--
wright place                            wright place                                                  bakery/candy/confectionary
j and r                                    j and r                                                          harley davidson store

what else can you think of that would go over well on the square during special events
wine store/crakers/cheese/meat trays
fudge factory
soda fountain
county fair food--funnel cakes/elephant ears/corn dogs/caramel corn/lemonade/cotton candy.......
here is a link to the Carthage forum page that kind of is along the same lines.
If we could each come up with 2 great ideas and put together the partners--I think we can kick some major cowgirl butt!!!!!
Rob "Rob U" Carson

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By importuser at 4/24/2010 1:19 PM

Posted by:carsnfrd
before we can help--we need to know who to help
this mapping must get done, before we can go to the next level.
please fill in any blanks that you think you know the answer to.
once we get the real rough draft done, we'll start creating a cell for each property that we can align on the map. Eventually we can have a map on the carthage website where you can click on a property and it will give you all the information on the property--who owns it--sq.ft.--type of fac--best possible use..........
this would be invaluable for attracting new SEM's (special event members) :)
p.s.---to modify this just click on reply to all and then you can add anything you want and send it back to all of us.

PROPERTY                        LOCAL BUSINESS MEMBER                        SPECIAL EVENTS MEMBER
Conn                                      chenille saunders
centerstage                          chenille saunders
northside java                        jerilyn miller
flower shop                            jerilyn miller
chinese restaurant
religious radio
sherricks--v                            craig wear
more medical                        jacquot

country pastimes                  pam shieffer
leroy ufkes                            leroy ufkes
bentzingers                            don bentzinger
NORTH WEST-corridor
coin laundry                          roger brierton
tan spa                                  roger brierton
chiro clinic                            roger brierton
virtual golf                              roger brierton
si beauty spa                        shawn gutting
tt massage                            shawn gutting
vfw hall                                  vfw president
ben franklin                            tyrone jacoby
dr. eddingfield                      chenille saunders
first state bank                      nina boyer

first state bank                      nina boyer
twaddle furniture-v                nina boyer
sp hair salon                                    Housewright
jr tire warehouse                    mark harrison
wood inn                                mark harrison
garage--v                                mark harison
opera house--v                        ramsey finacial
webb accounting                    rob webb

ramsey financial                      ramsey
jeff clark/CCC                          jeff clark
Royalties                                  Dennis Royalty
Royalties                                  Dennis Royalty
blue moose
mchugh drug

randy sharpe real                      randy sharpe
naylor law                                  sam naylor
wcaz                                          rob dunham
cam miller law                          cam miller
illini west                                    ron kelly
illini west                                    ron kelly

SOUTH WEST--corridor
IW high school                        ron kelly
kelly int.                                    ron kelly
mfpizza--v                                stan tucker
storefront--v                            stan tucker
ziggy's                                      zieglar
woodbine -V                            Tom Langan
carl motors--v                            Tom Langan

Ziggy's                                      Zieglar
wollbrink                                  Galen Wollbrink
carthage library                      carthage lib pres
cokel's welding                        lawrence cokel
cokel's car wash                      lawrence cokel

Carthage lib                            carthage lib pres
main finance v                          tom main
main cleanersv                          tom main
fecht ant.v                                fecht
carthage hotelv                        smith
carthage hotel                        smith
carthage hotel  v                      smith

han jail newells art                    terry newell
wright place                              wright's
city park                                    mayor
city hall                                      mayor
city bathroom                            mayor
hc farm bureau                          karla mudd
abs fitness                                patrice squire

SOUTH EAST--corridor
odd fellow's hall-v                      Ron Kelly
Carthage fire dept                    Fire Chief

Sullivan auctions                      sullivan bro's.
biddy's press                            biddenstadt

sullivan auction                          sullivan bro's
har/gli/tuck/hart                          tom hartzell
physical therapy                       

menn's firestone                        mike menn
hancock cty health
1st chris. church                        pastor

Menn's firestone                        mike menn
soil service                                       
hr block       
resale shop
telephone building

farm bureau                                sue boyer
plumb tree v
towne house v
sharpe realty                              randy sharpe
chris dornbush ins                      chris dornbush
cap/anc/clar/rass                        rod clark

NORTH EAST--corridor
Cap/anc/cla/ras                          Rod Clark
coin laundry--v
christmas shoppe                        dan gilogilly
FCB                                              Deb kern
hamilton house lot                        hunter
mason building                            kiwanis pres.

baptist church                              pastor
us post office                                postmaster
lutheran church                              pastor

baptist church                                pastor

bentzingers                                    don bentzinger
barber shop--v