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House to rent


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House to rent

By importuser at 2/16/2009 8:41 PM

Posted by:tlcgoofy0976
Seems like not many people check or post on this forum so I know this is kinda a long shot.  My family and I are looking to move from the Chicago area to Carthage.  We are looking for a 3+ bedroom house to rent.  We do have a toddler, cat and dog (animals are good and clean and fully house broken, toddler not so much but he's not destructive just messy - lol).
Anyway if anyone has a house to rent or knows of a place please let me know.  We aren't in the area to be able to look at places all the time so as much info and pictures if possible would be greatly appreciated.  We would of course come look at the place before renting, but don't want to have to make numerous trips without any success. 
Oh and best available date would be April 1st or around there.
Thank you!!!