• Water/Sewer

    The City of Carthage is the local municipal provider for water and sewer inside the City limits. Questions may be directed to City Hall at 217-357-3119, or by visiting them at 58 Wabash St, Carthage, IL 62321 (located on the south side of Carthage Square). Water/Sewer bills are combined and are mailed monthly. Persons living outside the City limits MAY be served by Carthage if nearby, but typically pay a 50% adder on their water.

    Dallas Rural Water District also handles rural water for most of Hancock County. Their office is located at 1105 US Hwy 136, Hamilton, IL. Call 866-508-2332.

  • Natural Gas

    NICOR is the local provider for natural gas within the City of Carthage and some of the smaller local towns. Their customer service number is 888-642-6748.

  • Electrical Service

    Customers living in Carthage or surrounding small towns are typically serviced by Ameren Illinois. They can be reached at 800-755-5000.

    Customers in the rural areas of Hancock County are serviced by Western Illinois Electrical Coop (WIEC) located at 524 N Madison (north of the traffic light), Carthage, IL 62321. They can be reached at 217-357-3125.

  • Assistance

    Monetary assistance for winter heating or any energy bill issues can be investigated at Western IL Regional Council (WIRC) in Macomb. They can be reached at 309-837-2997.

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