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Economic Development

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Work Ethic

“The Carthage community work force is one that strives to maintain the outstanding work ethic needed to make our businesses productive and encourage our children to be successful. We offer a wide variety of knowledgeable and skilled employees through various businesses such as Memorial Hospital (healthcare) , Gary Grimm and Associates (publishing) , Carl Sandburg College (higher education), Methode Electronics (technical solutions) and many, many more. Volunteers work hard to support our Chamber of Commerce and its many programs, which demonstrates how much everyone believes in Carthage.”

Ginny Johnson
Retired Vice President/Retail Branch Manager
First State Bank of Western Illinois



“Carthage is ideally poised for growth and development.  Centrally located between Chicago and Kansas City, Carthage is easily accessible off of the CKC 110 Expressway.  The people of Carthage are the most positive asset that this community has to offer. They are progressive thinkers and visionaries.  There is an outstanding work ethic and spirit of entrepreneurship that makes Carthage a good place to do business.  Workforce development is ongoing thanks to many partnerships with regional organizations and our institutions for higher learning.  Carthage pride shows through in our local government, health care system, schools, Chamber of Commerce, and local service organizations.  Carthage is a vibrant community focused on preserving its rich heritage, small-town charm and long-standing agricultural roots.  By advancing technology, tourism, and enterprises, Carthage establishes itself as a premier place to raise a family and for residents of all ages to call home."

Amy Graham
Community Development Director



“The quality of life is beyond compare in this Midwestern area. We also have a good employee base with a great work ethic. The business community is very active and inviting. The schools are excellent and as modern as any large city. I am proud to have raised my family here and am confident they received the education they need to succeed in this world. There are many community events that make our area special and keep people moving to our area, many of whom grew up here and are returning home. The pool of employees is varied and quite competent. I should know since I am a Human Resources Director for a major employer in our area!” 

Ann Dunham
Former Human Resources Director
Memorial Hospital and Hancock County Nursing Home


Quality of Life

“Due to our strong farm presence, we have an excellent labor force with a good work ethic and attitude. The quality of life is the main reason I live here, i.e. raising a family in a safe, clean environment, good schools and quality medical care. No traffic, no tee times, no hassle: It doesn't get any better. People care about each other and are committed to the betterment of the area.”

Jerald L. Bartell
Retired President
Marine Bank and Trust 


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