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The City of Carthage is the local municipal provider for water and sewer inside the City limits.  Questions may be directed to City Hall at 217-357-3119, or by visiting them at 58 Wabash St, Carthage, IL  62321 (located on the south side of the Carthage Square).  Water/Sewer bills are combined, and are mailed monthly. Persons living outside the City limits MAY be served by Carthage if nearby, but typically pay a 50% adder on their water. 

Dallas Rural Water District also handles rural water for most of Hancock County.  Their office is located in Ferris, Illinois (5 miles NW of Carthage) and they can be reached at 217-746-2332. 

Natural Gas

NICOR is the local provider for natural gas within the City of Carthage and some of the smaller local towns. Their customer service number is 888-642-6748.

Electrical Service

Customers living in Carthage or surrounding small towns are typically serviced by Ameren Illinois.  They can be reached at 800-755-5000.

Customers in the rural areas of Hancock County are serviced by Western Illinois Electrical Coop (WIEC) located at 524 N Madison (north of the traffic light), Carthage, IL  62321.  They can be reached at 217-357-3125. 


Monetary assistance for winter heating or any energy bill issues can be investigated at Western IL Regional Council (WIRC) in Macomb.  They can be reached at 309-837-2997.  Their 2013 flyer can be found here.