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The Old Carthage Jail - Basic Background Info


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The Old Carthage Jail - Basic Background Info

By importuser at 2/10/2002 4:10 PM

Posted by:Anonymous
The major tourist attraction in Carthage is known by a few similar names, including "The Old Carthage Jail" or "The Old Mormon Jail."

Whatever you call it, there can be no doubt that the 60,000 or so visitors a year that go through it are the major source of tourism for our town.

The Jail is the site where Joseph Smith, then leader of the Mormon faith, was killed by a mob in 1841. Mr. Smith's followers had settled in Nauvoo, IL, only 22 miles from Carthage a few years before, after coming from the east via Missouri since he founded the church. At its peak in the early 1840's, it is said that Nauvoo's population was greater than that of Chicago! There is a long, and very interesting story of the Mormon struggles leading up to the martyrdom of Mr. Smith and his brother in Carthage. The best way to go back in time is to visit the visitors' center at the jail, sit through a very educational, short movie, and then take the tour of the Jail itself.

The Jail is open for tours year-round, although for obvious reasons, the summer is the busy time. Expect huge crowds this spring and early summer as the new Temple in Nauvoo is opened for public tours. Nauvoo is expecting 6-8000 people PER DAY, and some will undoubtedly return to Carthage to complete their tour. Planning is underway now to accomodate this possible influx of visitors. Welcome them, Carthage...

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Re: The Old Carthage Jail - Basic Background Info

By importuser at 8/21/2004 3:11 PM

Posted by:Cheryl_Bills
I am researching the jailor's family who were working in the jail at the time of the martyrdom. George W. Stigall was the jailor. I have not found his wife's name. They had children Henry C. Stigall who married Myra Littly (or MaryAnn Little) in 1851; Jane E. Stigall; Eliza Ann Stigall who married Charles C. Main in 1842; Caroline P. Stigall; possibly a son named George W. Stigall and two other unnamed sons and an unnamed daughter who might be Cynthia J. Stigall who married Samuel Makle in 1855.

I believe the mother of this family died prior to 1850 and either the Jailor or his son is the George W. Stigall who married Esther Webster 19 Dec 1846.

I have traced the Stigall family in the census records as follows:

CENSUS: 1830 Rockcastle County, KY

G.W. Stighale

2 males under 5; 1 male 20-30

1 female 5-10; 1 female 20-30

CENSUS: 1840 Hancock Co., IL

G.W. Stigall (In index as G.R., but census image shows it clearly to be G.W.)

Males 2 Under 5; 1 5-10; 1 10-15; 1 30-40

females 2 under 5; 1 10-15; 1 30-40

CENSUS: 1842 Nauvoo Tax Record

George W. Stigall pg. 234

Concord 5N6W

CENSUS: 1850 George NOT LOCATED (but three of his children are with his married daughter)

Hancock Co., IL (next to the jailer of the Carthage Jail)

Charles C. Main 37 plasterer $3000 b. CT

Ann E. Main 25 b. KY [Eliza Ann Stigall]

George M. 4 b. IL

Sater A. 2 b. IL

Henry C. Stigall 19m b. KY

Jane E. Stigall 13f b. IL

Caroline P. Stigall 7f b. IL

CENSUS: 1860 Carthage, Hancock, Illinois

Charles C. Main 45m Brickmason b. CT $1500/200

Lizzie A. Main 33f b. KY [Still Eliza Ann Stigall]

George Main 14m b. IL

Sater A. 12m b. IL

James H. 7m b. IL

Hellen 5f b. IL

Caroline 3f b. IL

George W. Stigall 51m b. KY

next to county jail

Thomas J. Brunk 21m Jailor 125/200 b. KY

Nancy P. Brunk 20f b. KY

Mary S. Rutledge 9f b. KY

CENSUS: 1870 Carthage, Hancock, Illinois

Henry C. Stigal 40m Gambler b. KY

Maria 33f keeping house b. IL

Jennie L. 12f b. IL

Henry (or Harry) 6m b. IL

Samuel 1m b. IL

George W. Stigall 66m at his son's b. KY

(again they were next to county jail)

CENSUS: 1870 Village of Carthage, Hancock, Illinois

Charles Mann 58m Bricklayer -/275 b. CT

George D. 24m farmer 3000/300 b. IL

Sater A. 21m farmer -/400 b. IL

Sophronia 16f keeping house [she is wife of Sater]

James H. 19m laborer

Hellen 14f b. IL

CENSUS: 1880 Carthage, Hancock, Illinois [George not found on this census; Charles Main has died but Henry Stigall still living in Carthage]

Henry C. Stigall 51 Laborer

Mira Stigall 43 keeping house

Henry C. 16m farm laborer

Samuel 10m at school


I have reason to believe that Mrs. George Stigall may have been a relative of my ancestor, only I need to know who she was. Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks a bunch!

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