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The following are testimonials from several of the students currently enrolled in Hancock County Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) Class:

 “On my way back to school as I drove past businesses, I realized they had always been there.  I started to think about how many businesses I’ve encountered in my life and how I’ve never fully appreciated the hard work that goes into starting and maintaining them.  I can really tell the impact this class is having on me.  I have much more confidence when I speak, and I am more willing to speak up.  I think we all are.  This class is giving us the opportunity to show that we are mature, respectable people who would love the chance to show it.  CEO is that chance and so much more!” 

~Brianna Grotts, Illini West High School Junior


“CEO has not only changed everything about me, but it has made me a better person.  It has changed how I look at business owners and the appreciation I give to them.  The things I have learned through CEO are making me a better person and future community leader.  I have grown closer to my CEO family and am making memories that will last a lifetime.”                                                                    

~Emily Conover, Southeastern High School Senior


“CEO is simply a phenomenal opportunity that each and every student in the world should have.  Each week I have sat here in the same exact position thinking the same exact thing: ‘WOW!  This week was amazing!  I can’t imagine how next week can be any better than this.’  And time after time, CEO continues to prove me wrong.  Each week is better than the last week, yet the last week was the best week of the year!  I am in true shock of how this has come to be.  Look at this!  Look at what CEO is doing to us!  It’s transforming 16 high school kids into 16 business professionals!  My self-confidence is through the roof.  I feel like I’m actually getting work done not just passing through hoops!  I am writing my own future!  All of which I owe to the CEO class!”                                                         

~Trevor Sandidge, Warsaw High School Junior


“CEO has taught me so many things.  I have never been aware of the opportunities we have here.  I have always thought you had to move away to a big city in order to become very successful, due to our small community not having the resources larger cities do.  But, I have learned from multiple guest speakers in CEO that is certainly not the case.  There are plenty of opportunities in our small communities.”                        

~Katlyn Pollock, Illini West High School Junior


"Taking CEO has helped me realize what my passion is and what I can do in the future as a career.  As we’ve heard many times in this class, once you find your passion, it will no longer be categorized as “work”.  I am thankful for the assistance this class has given me to a more successful career.”  

~Chase Grainger, IWHS Junior



“The CEO program is such an incredible opportunity; we get to create a fantastic network of businessmen and women, explore diverse businesses and organizations, and have the opportunity to start our own business.”  

~Sarah Cluff, Warsaw High School Junior 



“I am thrilled to be the facilitator for the Hancock County CEO Program.  In addition to starting a business and learning from some of the greatest business minds in the area, CEO is about building relationships and encouraging young entrepreneurs to stretch themselves and value every opportunity they are given." 

~Christine Murphy, CEO Facilitator